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With over 50+ years of combined knowledge and experience in real estate, title insurance, mortgage documentation and closing techniques, Investors Title Service is able to handle even the most complex transactions. We have a clear understanding of the industry and the individuals that benefit from the services provided by our associates. Our expertise and attention to detail have earned us an exceptional reputation and dedicated following.​​



We understand that closing costs can be burdensome on home owners and new home buyers.  Some closing agents have little to no regard as to how important it is for your transaction to close cost effectively. 


With this in mind, we strive to offer competitive rates to keep our client's cost to a minimum, while still upholding the high standards of Investors Title's integrity and professionalism.



Our clients appreciate the fact that whenever they call Investors Title they can always expect an immediate and enthusiastic response to accommodate their needs.

From beginning to end, Investors Title keeps all parties involved in a transaction informed. Our reps will contact you upon initial receipt of your order, and continue repeat contact throughout the closing process. We explain everything up-front thus minimizing confusion and ensuring no surprises at closing.



At Investors Title, we apply the most advanced title software computer technology and cyber security. This allows us the capability of being able to adhere last minute changes quickly and on-site of a closing.



We at Investors Title Service, Inc adheres to the “Title Insurance and Settlement Company Best Practices” according to principles provided for by the American Land Title Association (ALTA). ALTA created these Best Practices to help its members highlight policies and procedures the title insurance industry exercises to protect lenders and consumers, while ensuring a positive and compliant real estate settlement experience.

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THE TEAM . . . 

The experienced Team at Investors Title Service are committed to earning your business. We believe in dedication to our clients, unparalleled work ethic, and a commitment to getting the job done. 

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